Introduction of Ball Transfer Units


Defination of Ball Transfer Units

Transfer ball units are machine equipment used in the machinery industry today. Their task is to transfer the loads placed on them with the rotating ball inside.They are generally used in conveyors, in the feeding / part output sections of the machines and in the areas where packaging work is performed.They are produced in three types: ball supported, spring supported and pneumatic supported.Depending on the usage conditions, there are different subtypes as light type, medium type and heavy type.In some cases they are also used as castors and wheels.Some companies also name these products as ball transfer bearings.You can see an image of the product’s outer view in the image below.

ball transfer unit outer view

Internal View of Ball Transfer Units

As can be seen in the diagram, there is one big ball inside. Under the big ball are the small balls that support it.The durability of these balls determines the capacity of the product.If the shock effect will be high, a spring can be added to this structure between big ball and product body

ball transfer unit schema

3D View of Ball Transfer Units

I opened the CAD data of the product and looked at it from different angles.A hole is drilled at the place where it will be placed, as much as the diameter of the bottom of the product.Then “ball transfer unit” is placed there from above.

ball transfer unit 3d view

How To Fix a Ball Transfer Unit

If a “ball transfer unit” breaks down, we have explained in the video how to fix it. Usually their springs break or come off.Gently placing the spring and pressing it again is what needs to be done in this case.

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