Single-Axis Selection: Ball Screws, Planetary Reducers, and Servo Motors for Horizontal Movement

Achieving precise and efficient horizontal movement in machinery and automation systems often requires careful selection of essential components. Among the critical components are ball screws, planetary reducers, and servo motors, which work together to ensure smooth and accurate motion. In this article, we will explore the principles behind selecting the right ball screw, planetary reducer, and servo motor for horizontal movement. Additionally, we will provide a detailed video guide to help you understand the selection process. So, let’s dive in!

Understanding Ball Screws: Ball screws are crucial in converting rotary motion into linear motion. They consist of a screw shaft and a ball nut, with recirculating balls providing the smooth linear movement. When selecting a ball screw for horizontal movement, several factors should be considered, such as load capacity, speed requirements, backlash, accuracy, and environmental conditions.

Decoding Planetary Reducers: Planetary reducers are compact and efficient devices that provide torque multiplication and speed reduction in a single unit. They are often employed to match the output speed and torque requirements of the application. When choosing a planetary reducer, parameters like gear ratio, backlash, efficiency, torsional stiffness, and compactness should be taken into account.

Selecting Servo Motors: Servo motors play a crucial role in providing precise control and positioning accuracy in automation systems. They come in various sizes, power ratings, and feedback types. When choosing a servo motor for horizontal movement, factors such as torque requirements, speed range, response time, encoder resolution, and communication interfaces need to be considered. The video will guide you through the servo motor selection process, ensuring compatibility with the ball screw and planetary reducer chosen.

We used which one of the plantary gearbox manufacturer Neugart’s NCP calculation tool while making these calculations.


V max : 20 m/min
Drive Type : Ball Screw
Positining Accuracy Level : It’ll be for woodworking so; no need to use precision class ball screw and planetary reducer less than 6 arc/min backlash
Servo Motor Brand : Must be Yaskawa

Inputs :

Weight : 200 kg
Stroke : 1000 mm

Results :

Planetary Gearbox : Neugart PLPE070-003
Servo Motor : Yaskawa SGMJV-04

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