How To Solve Noisy Servo Motor Problem

Servo Motor PID

As is known, servo motors are equipment used for precise positioning and the part that provides precise positioning is the encoder. Motion profiles are performed with the PID control method generally.However, in some cases, the values in the Proportional, Integral or Derivative definitions that provide the PID are not compatible with the system.This is the main reason why the servo motor buzzes loudly at a stop or while moving.As can be seen in the example in the video below, the servo motor is in the “on” state, but a loud humming sound is heard when it is stationary.

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How to cut and grind LM rail joint

lm rail cut grind

Machine manufacturing is an art and every artist can choose different ways to make their difference.Even if the manufactured machines do the same job, they may differ in appearance and dimensions.

LM rails are produced in standard length and sized according to need.Standard length LM rails are shorter than the length of the machine in machines with a long travel distance. In this case, LM rails need to be jointed end to end.


Cutting the LM rails to the required lengths and grinding the ends is a very sensitive operation.LM rails are very expensive products so should not be wasted.The part to be cut for usage must be calculated and if the part will be jointed with other, 1-2mm left allotted for the grinding operation.

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