Flexible Shaft Coupling Types

A coupling connects two parts to transmit rotary motion with a middle part made of polyurethane, metal, or similar material to reduce torsional distortion.The middle parts in the couplings are produced from polyurethane blocks, metal sheet or metal spring and are used to provide flexibility.

Flexible couplings are used to connect two separate shafts on the machine axes. One of these shafts is the driving motor shaft and the other is the screw shaft to be rotated.In some cases, flexible couplings are used to join bar shafts to transfer rotational force over long distances.

It is very important to know the following information while determining the type of coupling to be used;

1- Torque value to be transferred

2-Shaft diameters

3-Connection Type (Clamping Ring/Only Clamping Hub/Clamping Hub with Key)

4-Maximum Rotational Speed (RPM)

5-Maximum allowable backlash and angular displacements

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Curved Linear Rail Systems and Applications

Most of the machines being manufactured today have only two types of motion, radial motion, and linear motion. Linear motion is usually obtained from machine elements with radial motion. For example, a servo motor is a radial motion element, but when used with a ball screw, it converts radial motion to linear motion. Linear slide products are also linear motion elements. However, they often require radial drive equipment to move. But, not all radial motion equipment is intended to create linear motion. For example, the turntable equipment in a milk bottling plant works only to produce radial motion.

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Linear Actuator Types

If you want to transfer a load from one point to another point in a controlled manner, in a machine, or in a place in your home that needs movement, you need electromechanical products. You can also do this yourself by purchasing mechanical products such as ball screws, belts/pulleys, or racks/pinions and combining them with a stepper motor or servo motor. But putting these products together may require a high degree of mechanical, electronic, and software knowledge. If you want to have a ready-made product, you can use linear actuators produced by many different companies.

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Ballscrew End Machining Runout

With the rapid development of technology, the need for precise and fast production is increasing day by day. To achieve this speed and precision, it is necessary to use advanced technology products in the movement axes of the machines.
Today, the main axis drive systems used in machines are as follows.
1- Belt – Pulley
2- Screw Shaft
3- Rack-Pinion
4-Chain Gear
Moving the load with the ball screw enabled the machines to be able to position very precisely.

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