How to cut and grind LM rail joint

lm rail cut grind

Machine manufacturing is an art and every artist can choose different ways to make a difference. Even if the manufactured machines do the same job, they may differ in appearance and dimensions. LM rails are produced in standard length and sized according to need. Standard length LM rails are shorter than the length of the … Read more

Helical Rack Mounting Procedure

rack mounting schema

Rack and pinion drive systems are one of the most common methods used to move machine axes.They are especially preferred in machines with long stroke distances.If you are going to use rack and pinion in your machine and you need precision, you should definitely choose helical rack and pinion.

However, when making this choice, you should first pay attention to the cost of rack and pinion.Because the cost of helical rack and pinion is more than straight type.Helical ones are expensive because they are more difficult to manufacture.

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Linear Guide Types

linear rail guide brands

Linear guide systems are designed to take the lateral and axial loads on themselves while the load on the machine axes is transferred from one point to another.Many linear bearing types have been produced according to the amount of load to be transported or resisted, the angle of the load and environmental conditions.For example, linear guides to be used in a large press feed line, roller guide rails are generally preferred because the load will be too high.While choosing the linear guide, the speed, load, working frequency and environmental factors of the system are taken into consideration.

Also, linear guides have different sizes among themselves according to the conditions of the areas they will be assembled.There are different models such as short wide, short narrow, long wide, long narrow or narrow low.

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Ball Transfer Units by Mounting Types

ball transfer unit internal drawing

Ball transfer units are very useful parts for product handling and transfer operations in many types of machines.These load-bearing parts are manufactured in different types according to each job and place of use.We will now examine a few of these assembly and product types together.
First of all, let’s consider the title of ball transfer units according to the assembly types.Commonly used mounting directions are as follows.

1-Thread Fixing Units

thread fixing ball transfer
thread fixing ball transfer

It is assembled by inserting into the threaded hole which opened on the machine body or by tightening with nut.It is not a preferred type because of the difficulty of positioning.

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