Flexible Shaft Coupling Types

A coupling connects two parts to transmit rotary motion with a middle part made of polyurethane, metal, or similar material to reduce torsional distortion.The middle parts in the couplings are produced from polyurethane blocks, metal sheet or metal spring and are used to provide flexibility.

Flexible couplings are used to connect two separate shafts on the machine axes. One of these shafts is the driving motor shaft and the other is the screw shaft to be rotated.In some cases, flexible couplings are used to join bar shafts to transfer rotational force over long distances.

It is very important to know the following information while determining the type of coupling to be used;

1- Torque value to be transferred

2-Shaft diameters

3-Connection Type (Clamping Ring/Only Clamping Hub/Clamping Hub with Key)

4-Maximum Rotational Speed (RPM)

5-Maximum allowable backlash and angular displacements

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