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Basics of Ball Screw Production

Ball screw production is a process that requires high precision.Many manufacturers have transferred almost a hundred years of metal machining experience to ball screw production.However, there are companies that have started this business recently.Especially new companies have lower budgets, so they choose custom ball screw production.As it is known, screw shaft types have classes such as C0, C1, C3, C5, C7, C8 and C10 (also indicated by the letter T) according to their production quality.These classes give information about whether ball screws are of ground type or rolled type.

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Rolled Ball Screw –
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Introduction of Ball Screw

Ball Screw is a feed screw that turns the radial motion into linear motion by making a rolling motion between the screw’s ball channel and the nut’s ball recirculaiton channel.The reason for using it instead of trapezoidal shaft is high efficiency. Due to the ball between the nut and the shaft, the friction effect is less compared to the trapezoidal shaft.

Types Of Ball Screw Shaft

Screw shafts are divided into two according to the way they are manufactured.

Axis Sizing

Horizontal Linear Motion With Ball Screw – 1

Guide, Ball Screw and Servo Motor Sizing

Today, we are going to learn basic knowledge of how to choose products for horizontal linear axis. Imagine that, this calculation can be Y axis of cnc router or X axis of big 3D printer.

I’m using Yaskawa SigmaJunmaSize+ and THK Life Calculator applications.

Suppose we have a 2000 kg load for the axis that will work horizontally. Let’s consider it as 4 linear guides-2 rails, and the ball screw as the drive element.

lineer calculation steps

The values we want to achieve in the sample application are as shown below.

Max speed: 250mm/sec

Stroke : 2000mm