How to cut and grind LM rail joint

Machine manufacturing is an art and every artist can choose different ways to make a difference. Even if the manufactured machines do the same job, they may differ in appearance and dimensions.

LM rails are produced in standard length and sized according to need. Standard length LM rails are shorter than the length of the machine in machines with a long travel distance. In this case, LM rails need to be jointed end to end.

Cutting the LM rails to the required lengths and grinding the ends is a very sensitive operation.LM rails are very expensive products so should not be wasted. The part to be cut for usage must be calculated and if the part will be jointed with others, 1-2mm left allotted for the grinding operation.

You can see the machines for cutting and grinding in the video below.

Impotant Point about LM Rail Usage

If the rail is to be jointed to another rail, a hand grinding operation is not performed. Because hand grinding increases the degree of the chamfer at the end of the rail. If the gap between the two rails increases, the balls wear out quickly, and the life of the linear guide decreases.

However, if the LM rail will not be jointed with another rail, it is appropriate to remove the chamfer burrs at the end by hand grinding (Operation can be seen at the end of the video).

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