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Introduction of Ball Transfer Units


Defination of Ball Transfer Units

Transfer ball units are machine equipment used in the machinery industry today. Their task is to transfer the loads placed on them with the rotating ball inside.They are generally used in conveyors, in the feeding / part output sections of the machines and in the areas where packaging work is performed.They are produced in three types: ball supported, spring supported and pneumatic supported.Depending on the usage conditions, there are different subtypes as light type, medium type and heavy type.In some cases they are also used as castors and wheels.Some companies also name these products as ball transfer bearings.You can see an image of the product’s outer view in the image below.

ball transfer unit outer view

Machine Parts

Introduction of Ball Screw

Ball Screw is a feed screw that turns the radial motion into linear motion by making a rolling motion between the screw’s ball channel and the nut’s ball recirculaiton channel.The reason for using it instead of trapezoidal shaft is high efficiency. Due to the ball between the nut and the shaft, the friction effect is less compared to the trapezoidal shaft.

Types Of Ball Screw Shaft

Screw shafts are divided into two according to the way they are manufactured.

Machine Parts

Introduction of Planetary Reducer

Planetary reducers are used for applications where low reduction rate and precision are required.Except for the general reducer definition, let’s get to know planetary reducer in a little detail.

Planetary Reducer Input Side and Output Side

planet reducer input output

When viewed from the outside, the input side for the servo motor connection and the output side for the load connection are visible.

The input side of the reducer is designed according to the shaft output and flange dimensions of the servo motor to be connected.

In general, there are body sizes such as 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 140 and 155. However, for now, we will proceed based on the body of 90 (in the image).

Internal Structure of Planetary Reducer

planet reducer internal structure input output

Planetary reducer consists of 3 basic parts as sun, planets and ring. The servo motor drives the sun, the planets around the sun spin in the ring. In this case, the sun gear transfers the power from 3 different points (for the 3-element reducer) to the outer planetary gears.The output power increases according to the ratio between the outer ring and the sun. At the same time, the speed decreases at the same gear ratio.